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Why Humanity Needs to Recognize the Reality of Remote Viewing

There is often a lag between the discovery of something really important in science and its widespread recognition. The phenomenon of remote viewing involves one of those situations. Tremendous benefits for society would result in the widespread recognition that remote viewing is a real phenomenon, and reasonable arguments can be made that such a recognition would be better for our world if it happened sooner rather than later. Everyone can help with this, and that is the reason for this letter.

The Benefits of Recognizing the Reality of Remote Viewing

  • The subject of remote viewing specifically, and psi phenomena more generally, are currently forbidden subjects at the level of higher education. No one benefits by having certain subjects proscribed from being discussed at colleges and universities. We benefit as a society when all subjects can be openly discussed and debated in our centers of higher learning. Recognizing the reality of remote viewing will allow college faculty and administrators greater freedom in encouraging healthy debate.
  • Humanity will quickly turn its attention to the findings of responsible, well-conducted, and peer-reviewed remote-viewing and psi research.
  • Humanity will increasingly appreciate the more complicated nature of physical reality, and the fact that sudden and nonlinear changes do happen to our planet and our environment.
  • Humanity will begin to more fully understand the connection between events in space and life on Earth.
  • Humanity will more rapidly embrace some of the more profound implications of remote-viewing research with respect to extraterrestrial life.
  • Humanity will begin to realize that it is not without a measure of control in its march forward in time.
  • Humanity will continue to have faith in science and scientific leadership, and the path forward will be guided by reason.

If asked by responsible parties, we at The Farsight Institute will conduct a major and extended sequence of remote-viewing demonstrations that will satisfy nearly all people with respect to this reality. All the details of how to conduct such a series of demonstrations have been worked out. The scientific controls will be perfect, and we will involve the public in the data verification process.

On today's Earth, humanity needs to work together as it faces the challenges of the future. People need to understand that we are not powerless victims of fate in the forward march of time. There are real options for future development, and these options become more tangible when comparative data from alternate futures are considered. As we travel into the future, let us turn our headlights on so that we can better navigate our challenges as a species. Remote viewing is the only way currently available for humans to transfer information across time and space. Millions, even billions, need to know that we are not blind as we move through time, that we have a measure of control as we navigate the temporal currents.

Humanity also needs to better understand our past. Our actual history as a species on this planet is much different from that which is taught in schools today. If we are to understand more about our future, it is crucial that we face our past with complete transparency. How can anyone navigate the future if one cannot bring clarity to history? We cannot be blinded by orthodoxy or dogma if we are to be a species with a noble destiny.

We never ask for blind faith in what we do. We want only to demonstrate the reality of remote viewing to a truly world audience. Is the chance to show people what is real too much to ask?

Courtney Brown, Ph.D.
Director, The Farsight Institute