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The Quick Start for the 1999-2000 Public Demonstrations of Remote Viewing

Beginning in the Fall of 1999, and for nearly half a year, we conducted a public and interactive demonstration of remote viewing. People who were watching and participating with this demonstration followed these guidelines:

1. We do remote-viewing sessions BEFORE a target is written and submitted to The Farsight Institute by an outside tasker. (The "tasker" is the person who decides what the target is. The "target" is what we are supposed to perceive and describe.) If this sounds weird, you are understanding well. Keep reading.

2. We then post encrypted transcripts of our remote-viewing sessions for YOU to download (ftp) to your computer using your web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer are fine, for example). You will use the transcripts after the experiment is over so that you can verify that the posted results are true and correct.

3. A day or more after we post the encrypted transcripts on our site, the outside tasker writes and gives us the target for the demonstration.

4. We then post the target for the experiment (called the "target specific"), the passwords to de-encrypt the remote-viewing session transcripts that you previously downloaded to your computer, and the scans of the actual remote-viewing sessions for you to see (all pages). The encrypted transcripts can be de-encrypted by double-clicking on the files within Windows Explorer and typing in the appropriate passwords. For Windows users, you do NOT need any special software to do this. Mac users need to have the freeware PGP installed in their computers (for Experiment #7 and on) in order to de-encrypt the transcript files. We also post a brief summary analysis of the results for each experiment.

5. A detailed analysis of the results of these public experiments is posted after each set of experiments is completed.

To get more details about what happened, Click Here and continue reading the explanatory links. (It is worth it.)

If you are in a hurry and want to go straight to the results to see what the sessions looked like, Click Here and then go to the remote-viewing session pages for each experiment.