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The Mysteries Project #4: The Remote-Viewing Sessions

The Viewers The Sessions Individual Session Summaries
The Atlantic Grid
Dick Allgire Download for Target 4a:
Session 4a
Stage 3 for 4a
Land survey for 4a
Additional data for 4a
Stage 5 for 4a

Session 4: By the end of the session, the viewer was correctly perceiving a barren and rugged terrain as pictured from above. Especially see the last page of the session. The viewer is also beginning to perceive water and dead and matted vegetation at the target.

Stage 3 for 4a: This is a better scan of the last page of the above session. The viewer sent this in separately to emphasize this aspect of the target.

Land survey for 4a: This is an excellent description of the barren, rugged terrain that is the dominant topographical feature of the target. But the viewer also perceived the existence of a large collection of buried structures underneath this terrain (essentially, an underground city). Some of these structures seem highly technologically advanced. No life forms are perceived inside of the structures.

Additional data for 4a: The viewer perceives that this is an ancient or primordial target. There are ancient rock strata, but also evidence of significant amounts of electrical energy that may still reside at the target site. There is also a catacomb sense for the target, involving many human skeletal remains.

Stage 5 for 4a: This session should probably be interpreted with respect to the broader intent of the target description, which is to describe "the meaning, cause, or significance of the patterns shown in the (target) image." Here, the viewer describes a large land mass that is surrounded by an ocean, a large amount of energy, people working on a project that involves technical expertise and analysis, drilling deeply into the Earth, a large and catastrophic explosion, and the collapse of land with structures into the sea. The viewer appears to have gone back in time to perceive the reason why the target is now at the bottom of the ocean.

Download for Target 4b:
Session 4b

Session 4b: According to this session, when the target was at its optimal state before being located at the bottom of the ocean, it was a large, heavily populated, and technologically advanced city.

Download for Target 4c:
Session 4c
Expansion for 4c

Both Session 4c and the Expansion for 4c combined: These data suggest that the event or process that resulted in the target to be located at the bottom of the ocean involved human activity within a technologically advanced work environment. Apparently, the masses were aware of the event or process, and there was some attempt to explain what was going on to people. There is some evidence of grief and crying. These are ancient people in a historic setting.

Debra Duggan-Takagi Download for Target 4a:
Session 4a1
Session 4a2
Stage 3 extra
Topographical Expansion

Session 4a1: On pages 4 and 13 (pdf numbering), the viewer clearly describes a settlement located on a flat plain and surrounded by mountains. On page 13 and elsewhere, the viewer also notes that there is an underground element to the target, possibly related to mining. Other data in this session suggest human involvement with this target site (obviously historical, given the target date). Time slippage is quite common with remote viewing.

Session 4a2: The general idea of this session is that the target site involves civilization elements with advanced technology

Stage 3 extra: The viewer sketches the target as a collection of structures located on a flat plain surrounded by mountains.

Topographical Expansion: Here the viewer clearly perceives that the target is submerged in water. The viewer describes (sketches) the target as a collection of structures located on a flat plain surrounded by mountains.

Download for Target 4b:
Session 4b

Session 4b: This is an interesting session that apparently captures the target at the moment immediately prior to its destruction. The session summary (at the end) states: "This is an area where an ancient people lived until the area was inundated suddenly by water from an neighboring area that experienced a massive landslide that triggered a tsunami. The people were living in stone structures and caves. Though they were in some ways primitive, they were highly clairvoyant and practiced telekinesis on a regular basis." The viewer also describes an underground cave system, as well as attempts by the populace to flee from the tsunami inundation as the land sinks.

Download for Target 4c:
Session 4c

Session 4c: The viewer describes a civilization that is inundated and destroyed by sea water as the land sinks. The residents had sufficient time to organize some escape attempts. Pregnant and fecund women were saved in boats. Men were present in fewer numbers primarily to sail the boats. This suggests that the disaster was not a complete surprise, as time was needed to make the preparations and to choose who to save. The fact that women capable of child bearing were prioritized indicates that the leaders of the civilization were aware that the disaster was potentially an extinction level event.

The Antarctic Grid
Dick Allgire Download for Target 4d:
Session 4d
Additional data for 4d

Both Session 4d and Additional data for 4d combined: The viewer slipped in time while collecting these data (which is very common in remote viewing). The viewer clearly perceives a target involved in a cold and remote area with glaciers, rugged terrain, and deep furrows in the ground, all of which correspond with the target image. However, the viewer also perceives that the target involved human activity of a highly technological sort which resulted in a catastrophic release of energy.

Download for Target 4e:
Session 4e

Session 4e: According to these data, when the target was in its optimal state before it was located at the bottom of the ocean, it was a technologically advanced city or large facility that had many structures and people. These data suggest that people of authority may have been present, and that there was an unfolding of an event or process that was both unexpected and catastrophic. This event involved human activity that went out of control, resulting in a crisis of severe proportions.

Download for Target 4f:
Session 4f part 1
Session 4f part 2

Both Session 4f part 1 and part 2 combined: The event or process that caused the target to be located in the bottom of the ocean involved a deep shaft drilled into the Earth and a huge explosion that was associated with what appears to be volcanic activity. An entire civilization was destroyed in the aftermath. The authorities attempted to maintain control of the panicking and rioting masses, but apparently all was lost.

Download for Target 4g:
Session 4g
Session 4g: The point of origin that triggered, and thus initiated, the event or process that resulted in the target to be located at the bottom of the ocean was an explosion of nearly unimaginable proportions in a highly populated area near the sea. This resulted in the land mass sinking and the water surging to cover the land. A great deal of technologically advanced infrastructure was submerged. Apparently there was no way to save the populace, and all were lost. Also, the populace was notified of the events as they were unfolding, and there was a dumbfounded acceptance of the inescapable consequences of the situation.
Debra Duggan-Takagi Download for Target 4d:
Session 4d

Topographical Expansion

Session 4d: The viewer describes a canyon with deep fissures and holes. The viewer also describes the location as experiencing extreme weather conditions. The sketches on pages 9 and 10 (pdf numbering) are particularly useful. Apparently there are buried objects at the target site, possibly related to mining operations.

Topographical Expansion: The viewer describes a prehistoric site with drill holes that are a result of mining operations. The area is described as being inundated with water after a sudden flooding.

Download for Target 4e:
Session 4e

Session 4e: The viewer describes a technologically advanced mining operation involving cylindrical boreholes.

Download for Target 4f:
Session 4f

Session 4f: The target site experienced a cataclysmic earthquake involving tremendous noise and visible energy. The land and surrounding mountains collapsed, destroying or sealing an extensive underground tunnel system. There were massive landslides, blackened skies, and highly visible aerial bursts of light.

Download for Target 4g:
Session 4g
Second session 4g
Expansion 4g

Session 4g, Second session 4g, and the Expansion 4g (combined): The point of origin for the event that caused the target site to be destroyed, sinking it to the bottom of the ocean, was a massive fissure in the Earth. The viewer also perceives unusual solar activity as well as some flying objects. But the idea of an enormous fissure in the Earth's crust which leads to extensive volcanic activity dominates these data. The viewer again perceives a mining operation at the target site.