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Permission to Re-print, Distribute, and Use Materials from this Web Site

The Farsight Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of the phenomenon known as "remote viewing." We want our information to be disseminated throughout the public. While everything on this web site is copyrighted by The Farsight Institute in order to prohibit the bulk sale and inappropriate use of this material, permission is nonetheless granted without additional authorization required for any individual, group, or organization to reproduce, re-use, and distribute much content offered on this web site subject to the restrictions listed below.

  • All information, remote-viewing data (including sketches), and all interpretation of such data should be appropriately credited to the creators of the information (such as the remote viewers) and The Farsight Institute. But such credit should not be designed to imply an endorsement of the use of the information by the creators of the information or The Farsight Institute.
  • Individuals or organizations using the information offered on this web site cannot place subsequent restrictions on the use of this information, such as copyright or other rights.
  • The Farsight Institute shall in no way be liable for any claims, costs, expenses, or demands of any type and by any person or organization that result from the use or distribution of any of the information offered on this web site.
  • The Farsight Institute does not indemnify or hold harmless any users of the information offered on this web site, nor are exclusive use rights offered with respect to this information.
  • While remote-viewing data and other materials offered on this web site may be distributed without additional permission from The Farsight Institute, if any information is originally copyrighted by another person or organization, permission must be obtained to use that information by the appropriate copyright holder.
  • Information offered on this web site may not be sold or used for commercial projects unless significant additional content is added. For example, the information (including remote-viewing sketches) can be used in a movie, play, news or science article, musical creation, work of fiction, or novel since such uses would require significant additional content "surrounding" the use of the information. But the information cannot be sold or used commercially "as is" or mostly "as is" regardless of packaging since this would not be considered as containing significant additional content.
  • The Farsight Voyager audio course in Scientific Remote Viewing® is not included in the permissions to use described in this page.
  • Service marks and Trademarks and titles of products offered here are owned by Farsight, Inc. and are not included in the permissions to use described in this page, and they are not to be re-used in association with any of the materials presented on this web site or any other materials.
  • Permissions to use are not extended to video or audio creations presented on this web site, although such creations can be re-distributed "as is" as long as they are presented unaltered in any way and not excerpted and not sold.
  • Farsight Research, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw permission to use any materials offered on this web site if it is determined by officers of Farsight Research, Inc. that their use is inappropriate. For example, none of the materials presented on this web site may be used in the portrayal or creation of pornography.
  • The permissions to use described on this page may be modified at any time by officers of Farsight Research, Inc. without prior notification to any person, group, or organization. Any person, group, or organization using the materials presented here must agree to abide by such modifications, even if such modifications occur after the materials have been used and/or distributed for any purpose. This requirement is needed so as to prevent the unanticipated use or continued use of such materials in a manner which is offensive, libelous, or slanderous to any person, group, or organization.

An example of allowed use: Let us say that you are a script writer or movie producer, and you want to create a documentary or science fiction television or movie project that uses remote-viewing data offered on this web site. You should feel free to use the remote-viewing data for this project without needing to obtain additional permissions. Payment for the use of this information is not required. However, you should list the creator of the remote-viewing data and The Farsight Institute in the credits of the final production in an appropriate manner.

NOTE: Care must be given not to misrepresent any remote-viewing data available on this web site. It would be wrong to use someone's remote-viewing data and then claim that they are saying something they are not. One needs to use the data in a way that accurately represents what the data actually say. Anything else would be libelous or slanderous. For example, one cannot take an existing remote-viewing sketch from our web site that is for a target on the Moon and say that this is actually a sketch of the last location of a famous terrorist in the mountains of Pakistan. One could only say that it is a sketch of a target on the Moon, while giving credit to the creator of the sketch.