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Viewer: Matthew Pfeiffer

Target Specific:

Essential Cue:
EgyptAir Flight 990/destruction/event (31 October 1999)

Numbered Aspects:
1. EgyptAir Flight 990/destruction/event (31 October 1999)

2. The event or item that causes the destruction of EgyptAir Flight 990 – perspective: immediately in front of and facing the event or item that disables the jet (the moment that the jet is disabled immediately prior to its fatal descent)

3. EgyptAir Flight 990 as it is breaking up during its descent into the Atlantic Ocean – perspective: as seen from 100 feet directly above the jet when it begins to break up.

Session Transcript:

Matthew Pfeiffer

3 November 1999

7 pm EST

Richmond, Virginia

Protocols: Basic SRV, Type 3

Target Coordinates: 8723/0497

P1, ideogram No.1

City scene/Atlanta, NY (D)

Vis: a sketch of two tall structures rising, with subjects below

Egypt/Times Square (D)

Subjects walking around/at the bottom of tall structures (D)

Stonehenge (D)

A: semi-hard/soft, natural

B: Subjects

C: many, walking, appear modern? (D), activity, day-to-day (D)

D: sketch of subjects walking at what appears to be an intersection between several structures

Paris (D), US city (D), streets (D), pavement (D), cars(D), lights (D)

P1, ideogram No. 2

Central subject/Bill Gates (D)

A: soft, natural

B: subject

C: male, older, aged, fat radio talk show host (D)

D: sketch of a subject smiling

Pudgy, happy for some reason (D)

P1, ideogram No. 3

A: semi-hard, natural

B: subject

C: male, female, at a radio station (D), "WKRP in Cincinnati", 70’s (D)

D: sketch of subjects walking within a walled environment

Men and women walking around the halls of a radio station (D)

P1, ideogram No. 4

A: soft, natural

B: subjects

C: a specific group familiar with each other/work together, rock band (D), Duran Duran (D)

D: no-D

P1, ideogram No. 5

A: hard, artificial, office tower/building (D)

B: structure

C: metal, edges, sharp

D: a sketch of some kind of structural component

Inside an elevator shaft; metal support beams (D), my office building (D)


New York Trade Center Bombing/OK City Bombing (D)

Sounds: booming

Textures: rough, smooth

Temps: cool, hot


Colors – red, black, blue

Lums – bright

Contrasts – low

Tastes: pungent

Smells: burning, "sticky"


Tall, towering

Wide, long


Churning, energetics

Bombing of a building (D)





Cool (S), dark (S), burning (C), black (S), sticky (S), molasses target from Pru (D), blue (S), white (S), whining-sound (S), tall (M), towering (M), structure (P)

P4 ½ - a tall structure (or structures) is involved here somehow

wide (M), open (M), expanse (M), shimmering (S), Vis: a square with a symbol showing glare or reflection; like the sun reflecting on a pane of glass (D), scared (E), angst (E), upset (E), movement (C)

P4 ½ - people are moving quickly, Vis: a sketch of subjects moving quickly within a structure people running down a flight of stairs (D), escape (D), fear (E), upset (E), shock (E), horror (E), trade center bombing (D), subjects (P), people (P), men (P), women (P)

P4 ½ - I am not drawn to any one person in particular at the present, I just know that men and women are here, in a panic; they are moving quickly within this building

pyramid (D), Machu Piccu (D), building (P), manmade (C)

P4 ½ - the building is within an urban sprawl

subspace-watching (C)

P4 ½ - subspace is watching with interest

fear (E), fire (C), horror (E), shock (E), upset (E)

P4 ½ - something unexpected - like an accident - has happened and people are responding quickly

Diana’s car crash (D), escape (C), evasion (C), leaving (C)

P4 ½ - people are fleeing the scene quickly

bomb blast (GD), New York City (D), Paris (D)

CUE: from the center of the second numbered aspect, something should be perceivable


A: soft, natural

B: subject

C: central male, Clinton (D), pudgy, aged, fat man (D), Churchill (D), bombing of London (D), addressing the nation of Iraq (D)

D: sketch of a subject within a structure

Clinton inside a radio booth addressing the nation (D)


P4 ½ - I seem to be focusing on a central male subject, within a structure

White House (D), leader (D), Churchill (D), cool (S), dark (S), room (P), quiet (S), silence (S)

P4 ½ - it is as if those around him are listening intently

Saddam Hussein (D), war (D), tall (M), open (M)

P4 ½ - this man believes he is more right than others; minor ego

P4 ½ - thinking of "the facts"

Male (P), leader (C), expressive (C), fortunate (C), Clinton admitting affair (D)

P4 ½ - a leader, male, expressing his views

Working (C), Clinton (GD)

CUE: from the center of the third numbered aspect, something should be perceivable


A: soft, natural

B: no-B, subject? (D), child (D)

C: warm, purple jelly?! (D), blue, open

D: no-D


Cool (S), dark (S), blue (S), TWA 800 (D), water (D), sharp (C), rising (C), open (M), high (M), Lake Titicaca (D), cool (S), calm (E), peaceful (E), serene (E), like life after death (D), Titanic sinking (D), cool (S), deep, (M), DEEP (M), quiet (E), still (E)

P4 ½ - all is quiet and still, a natural state of non-being

Like being at the bottom of the ocean (D)

Vis: a "squared off" area of openness, dense water (D)

Water (P), pressure (C), thick (C)

P4 ½ - a VERY DENSE, THICK environment

P4 ½ - I am at a place where nothing, if anything, lives

Space (D), ocean floor (D)

P4 ½ - it is so quiet here

Sketch "A" – a female ghost, pale in color with white eyes

Drowned woman’s ghost (D), Titanic (D), death (C), dying (C), drowning (D), loss (C)

End of session – 7:50 pm