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Farsight New Viewer 16

Target: Early Beatles Concert/the Cavern/Liverpool, England/event

Date of Session: 8 September 1996

The target for this session was "Early Beatles Concert/the Cavern/Liverpool, England/event." Soon into the session, the viewer heard voices and mechanical sounds. The temperatures associated with the site were both cool and hot. The viewer then drew a sketch of four people on a stage. (See sketch below.) The viewer sensed a structure surrounded by activity. The emotions at the site were troubled and anxious. The viewer perceived people and items, as well as a structure with visible rocks. [Note: The Cavern has such characteristics.]

The viewer sensed that this event had a sudden impact. There was an arena at the site, and the viewer sensed excited people wandering about, and watching the activity. The viewer sensed the emotions of excitement and anticipation, and perceived that the activity was competitive, but not sports. The structure surrounding the activity was man-made, but had natural ancient design elements. The viewer felt that the people watching the event were proud and patriotic, but not American. The viewer heard voices, laughter and screaming, and sensed that the site was in an enclosed area. The viewer sensed that the crowd was caught off-guard by something. The viewer perceived that the target people were wearing clothes somewhat like uniforms.

The viewer sensed that the event was "native," "simple," "primitive," and "innocent." The viewer deducted that the event was like a "circus," and that it involved entertainment and showmanship. In the viewer's words, "group consciousness was driving the event." The viewer heard voices, yelling, roaring, mechanical sounds, and something that sounded like horns. The viewer drew a time line, showing when the event occurred, relative to the current time and the last presidential election, and placed the target time correctly behind the last presidential election.

Sketch of the target