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Farsight New Viewer 4

The target for this session was "Largest pyramid in Egypt (period of construction)." After three pages of preliminary data, the viewer drew the sketch that is linked below. In the sketch, there is the obvious drawing of the pyramid, but the session also revealed some ideas that may be relevant to how the pyramids were constructed. The session seemed to suggest that the builders may have piled up dirt to cover the pyramid as it was being constructed layer upon layer. In this way, the builders would not have to "lift" any large rocks. Rather, they could simply place the blocks on logs or even stone dowels and pushed (i.e., rolled) the blocks over the dirt and into place on the rising pyramid. After another layer of stones was placed, the builders could then raise the ground level by piling up more dirt around the pyramid, and begin to roll the next layer of stones into place, and so on. After the pyramid was finished, the builders would then dig it out of the dirt, thereby exposing it. Note the offset ground levels in the sketch. The vertical line above the pyramid may represent the lined-up logs or dowels on which the stone blocks were placed. The session did not resolve these points definitively by any means. But the viewer was clearly "on target" with the pyramid. The viewer also constructed a time line, and located the time of the target approximately 3000 years ago. As with all other training sessions at The Farsight Institute, the viewer was doing the session totally "blind," i.e., without any conscious identifying information regarding the target.