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Global Climate Change RV Study: Experiment Details

Public Participation:

The public has been encouraged to participate in this study by downloading the remote-viewing sessions when they became available and then waiting until the targets are assigned to those sessions using a dynamic and truly random process as described below. The public can then examine the accuracy of the remote-viewing data in describing the assigned targets. The remote-viewing results were made available for public download as soon as they were collected on an on-going basis until 3 June 2008. These results were all encrypted (using Winzip) so that no one could see them until a password is applied to decrypt the sessions.

During this time while the remote-viewing sessions were being completed and downloaded by the public, the targets were not yet assigned to the remote-viewing sessions. The remote-viewing sessions were assigned targets according to a truly random and publicly known process (a so-called "signal marker") that occurred during the first week of June 2008. This event is now known, and it can be seen in a link below (near the bottom of this page). The dynamic event was used to determine which among 999 possible target assignments would be used for this study. A file that contains the identity of this dynamic random event and the complete set of possible target assignments was available for public download since 22 March 2008. Once the password for this file was posted on this web site, it was clear which targets were assigned to which remote-viewing sessions. That is, one of the 999 possible target assignments was determined by the dynamic random event, and the public was able to see the actual target assignments as well as the 998 other possible assignments that were not chosen after the decrypted file was examined. Crucially, until the dynamic random event occurred, it was impossible for anyone anywhere to know which targets were assigned to which remote-viewing sessions. All of the this is further explained in full detail in the target assignment file.

Remote Viewer Participation:

The remote-viewing sessions that were posted on this web site for this experiment were done by officially designated participants. Each participant has been trained to a high degree of proficiency to remote view using structured data-collection procedures. Other viewers who have been similarly trained in structured data-collection procedures (such as SRV, HRVG, and CRV methods) were strongly encouraged to participate informally by doing their own sessions and simply saving their results themselves until the passwords to decrypt the targets are posted. While only the results of the officially designated participants will be posted on this web site, the results of others can be shared among friends, posted on other web sites, described in blogs, and distributed via a variety of venues. Our hope is that this informal participation helps generate public interest and discussion in the experiment.

Evaluation of the Remote-Viewing Results:

The remote viewers were allowed to compare their remote-viewing data with the actual targets during an allotted window of time that occurred after the end of the first week in June 2008. Passwords to decrypt the 2008 sessions will be posted on our web site for general public use during the subsequent months after the the remote-viewing data are analyzed. The accuracy of the remote-viewing data for those targets can then be evaluated by the general public once the passwords are posted. The passwords to decrypt the 2013 sessions will be posted on our web site after the sessions have been fully analyzed by researchers involved with this study. We will present the 2013 remote-viewing data together with an analysis of these data at the same time. This may take a some weeks, so please be patient while we do our work.

The accuracy of the remote-viewing data will be based on statistical and other evaluations of how well the targets are described in each remote-viewing session. Details on how this is done will be posted when the project results are released.

How the Targeting System Works:

The encrypted target assignment files (available for download below) have the following type of information in it (depending on how many targets are used by a particular viewer — 12, 18, or 24):


Target Assignment #1 >> S1:T6, S2:T15, S3:T19, S4:T7, S5:T23, S6:T22, S7:T12, S8:T10, S9:T2, S10:T17, S11:T21, S12:T14, S13:T3, S14:T24, S15:T4, S16:T1, S17:T20, S18:T18, S19:T16, S20:T9, S21:T5, S22:T11, S23:T13, S24:T8

Target Assignment #2 >> S1:T10, S2:T3, S3:T22, S4:T8, S5:T1, S6:T2, S7:T15, S8:T18, S9:T9, S10:T20, S11:T11, S12:T12, S13:T16, S14:T7, S15:T17, S16:T21, S17:T14, S18:T19, S19:T4, S20:T23, S21:T24, S22:T5, S23:T6, S24:T13

Target Assignment #3 >> S1:T22, S2:T18, S3:T14, S4:T10, S5:T8, S6:T3, S7:T12, S8:T15, S9:T4, S10:T2, S11:T6, S12:T7, S13:T9, S14:T11, S15:T13, S16:T17, S17:T21, S18:T23, S19:T24, S20:T20, S21:T16, S22:T5, S23:T1, S24:T19

Target Assignment #4 >> S1:T13, S2:T9, S3:T24, S4:T22, S5:T16, S6:T12, S7:T10, S8:T2, S9:T3, S10:T20, S11:T17, S12:T5, S13:T18, S14:T7, S15:T1, S16:T8, S17:T6, S18:T11, S19:T15, S20:T4, S21:T14, S22:T19, S23:T21, S24:T23

In the above example list of four target assignment possibilities, there are 24 targets that have to be assigned to 24 remote viewing sessions, and there are four different ways this can be done. Some remote viewers may complete fewer than 24 sessions, and a different target assignment list is used in these situations. There are three possible target assignment lists for situations in which viewers complete 12, 18, or 24 remote viewing sessions. Also, while there are only four possible target assignments in the above example, in the actual experiment's encrypted target assignment files that are used for this study and which the public can access below, there are 999 randomized possible target assignments. The choice of which target assignment is relevant to the current study will be determined by the dynamic random event that is described in the encrypted files (and which everyone can see in June 2008). As shown in the above example, for each possible target assignment, remote-viewing session numbers are assigned to target numbers. Thus, in the first assignment shown above, session #1 is assigned to target #6, session #2 is assigned to target #15, and so on. The list of targets is found in a separate encrypted file and can be downloaded below.

Encryption Note:

Many of the files used in this study were initially encrypted. Since the encryption period is over, it is no longer necessary for web site visitors to download the encrypted files. The encryption was done to ensure the validity of the scientific experiment. The passwords to decrypt the encrypted files were posted on this web site in the beginning of June 2008. The encryption software used is Winzip, and the appropriate files are encrypted using strong 256 bit AES encryption. Because of this strong encryption process, these files cannot be decrypted using most other Zip file or compression utilities that use weaker encryption methods. Participants should use Winzip to decrypt these files. Since Winzip is a Windows based program, Mac OS users with Intel chip machines will need to run Windows (via Bootcamp or Parallels) to decrypt these files. (Some Mac users will simply want to visit a friend who has a Windows machine to decrypt the files.)

Important Links:

The Sessions Here is where you can find links to the remote-viewing sessions, all decrypted and organized for easy viewing.
Decrypted Files This is the link to all decypted support files, including the target bank.
Passwords Here is where you can obtain the passwords to decrypt the encrypted files that are linked below in the "Legacy" session. If you have not previously downloaded those files, there is no need to do so now. We are beginning to post the decrypted versions of these files.
Signal Marker This is the truly random event that determined the assignment of targets to the remote-viewing sessions. Available Wednesday, 4 June 2008.

The links below are for historical purposes only.
They should no longer be downloaded.

This is revised as of 22 March 2008. (Encrypted)
This is the file that contains all of the targets used in this study. (Encrypted) (PDF Version added on 25 May 2008. Previous version was WordPerfect.)
Extra Targets Three new targets have been added to the study. Targets 25, 26, and 27 are available here as of 19 June 2008.
All 132 encrypted sessions
This link contains resources that were useful to the remote viewers participating in this study.