Target Specific:

Astronaut James B. Irwin and the Lunar Module "Falcon" during Apollo 15 extravehicular activity / Moon, as shown in the photograph below: perspective - from the camera's perspective as shown in the photograph below. (At the moment that the below photograph was taken.)

Target Description:

As per the picture below. Astronaut James B. Irwin (the lunar module pilot) is seen here snapping a military salute while standing beside the U.S. flag. This event occurred at the Hadley-Apennine landing site. The base of the mountain in the background (the Hadley Delta) is approximately 5 kilometers (about 3 statute miles) away. This mountain is approximately 4,000 meters (about 13,124 feet) tall.


Here is a picture:


Here are the SAM input data for the target:

surface: surface
surface: level topology
surface: irregular topology
land: land
land: natural
land: level topology
land: irregular topology
land: steep peaks
surface structure(s): surface structure(s)
surface structure(s): one
surface structure(s): multiple
surface structure(s): subjects inside
surface structure(s): subjects on base surface outside
structure(s) materials: manmade materials
structure(s) general location: on land
structure(s) general location: on a flat surface
natural object(s): natural object(s)
subject(s): subject(s)
subject(s): male
subject(s): one/few
mountain: mountain(s)
mountain: one
light: bright
environment: natural
environment: harsh natural
activity: activity or movement by subject(s)
sounds: talking, shouting, voices
sounds: noticeably quiet
temperatures: moderate
dominant session elements: structure(s) on a surface
dominant session elements: natural environment
sketches: structure(s)
sketches: structure(s) on a surface
sketches: subject(s)
sketches: subject(s) in a structure
sketches: subjects(s) on an outside base surface
sketches: horizontal base surface
sketches: sloping or peaking base surface(s)