Target Specific:

The Mt. Graham International Observatory - perspective: from the camera's perspective as shown in the photograph below (at the moment that the below photograph was taken)

Target Description:

As per the photograph below. The Mt. Graham International Observatory is located near Safford, Arizona on Mt. Graham (part of the Coronado National Forest) in the Pinaleno Mountains. The observatory site is operated by the University of Arizona. The region is mountainous and heavily forrested. There rae currently two telescopes in operation. These are the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) which has a 10m diameter and the Vatican Observatory/Arizona 1.8m Lennon optical telescope (VATT). This is a joint project between the University of Arizona and the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie of Germany.


Here is the photograph of the target:


Here are the SAM input data for the target:

surface: surface
surface: level topology
surface: irregular topology
land: land
land: natural
land: level topology
land: irregular topology
land: steep peaks
atmospherics: natural smells
surface structure(s): surface structure(s)
surface structure(s): one
surface structure(s): multiple
surface structure(s): subjects inside
surface structure(s): subjects on base surface outside
structure(s) materials: manmade materials
structure(s) general location: on land
structure(s) general location: on a flat surface
natural object(s): natural object(s)
natural object(s): on a surface
subject(s): subject(s)
subject(s): male
subject(s): female
subject(s): one/few
mountain: mountain(s)
mountain: one
mountain: multiple
light: bright
environment: natural
environment: extensive foliage
sounds: talking, shouting, voices
sounds: noticeably quiet
temperatures: moderate
dominant session elements: structure(s) on a surface
dominant session elements: natural environment
sketches: structure(s)
sketches: structure(s) on a surface
sketches: subject(s) in a structure
sketches: subjects(s) on an outside base surface
sketches: horizontal base surface
sketches: sloping or peaking base surface(s)
sketches: extensive foliage