Target Specific:

The detonation of the hydrogen bomb named "Bravo" on Bikini Atoll - perspective: from the camera's perspective as shown in the photograph below (At the moment that the below photograph was taken, 1 March 1954)

Target Description:

The "Bravo" blast involved a 15 megaton hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean on Bikini Atoll within the Marshall Islands. The bomb was detonated on the surface of the reef early in the morning of 1 March 1954. To observe the event, the Joint Task Force ships were stationed approximately 40 miles east and south of the blast site.

Here is the photograph of the Bravo blast:


Here are the SAM input data for the target:

surface: surface
surface: level topology
land: land
land: natural
land: level topology
water: water
water: land/water interface
atmospherics: natural smells
atmospherics: manmade smells
atmospherics: smoke or burning (natural or manmade)
atmospherics: cloud dynamics
light: bright
light: glow
environment: natural
environment: harsh manmade
energetics: explosive, swirling, or multi-directional movement
energetics: fire or heat
activity: activity or movement by object(s)
sounds: booming or roaring
sounds: wind-type sounds
sounds: loud
temperatures: hot
dominant session elements: movement/activity/energetics
dominant session elements: natural environment
sketches: horizontal base surface
sketches: radiating or explosive energetics
sketches: extensive water