Target Specific:

Glacier Bay - perspective: from the camera's perspective as shown in the photograph below (at the moment that the below photograph was taken)


Target Description: As per the photograph below. The glacier is reaching the bay at the bottom of the photo.



Here is the photograph of the target:

Here are the SAM input data for the target:

surface: surface
surface: irregular topology
land: land
land: natural
land: irregular topology
land: steep peaks
water: water
water: land/water interface
water: ice or snow
atmospherics: natural smells
natural object(s): natural object(s)
mountain: mountain(s)
mountain: one
mountain: multiple
light: bright
environment: natural
environment: harsh natural
sounds: noticeably quiet
temperatures: cold
dominant session elements: natural environment
sketches: natural object on a surface
sketches: horizontal base surface
sketches: sloping or peaking base surface(s)
sketches: extensive water