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Remote Viewing Area 51: The Secrecy Ends

Farsight's Area 51 Project

Area 51 in Nevada has long been one of the greatest enigmas on Planet Earth. No other governmental facility has had such a high level of secrecy associated with it. President Obama was the first American president to publicly admit that Area 51 even exists. Before that, it was just a spot on the map, a feature in movies such as "Independence Day," a secret military site that ordinary people could not visit and official people could not talk about.

But with President Obama's admission on Sunday, 8 December 2013, that Area 51 exists (see also the CIA acknowledgment) it now becomes a valid target for remote viewing. There are lots of verifiable elements on the surface that can be corroborated with remote viewing done totally blind. The only question remaining is what exists BELOW the surface. That is the million dollar question, and that is what the secrecy is all about.

Now, for the first time ever, the secrecy of what is below Area 51 ends. Farsight sent some of the best and most highly trained remote viewers anywhere to take a look, and all under totally blind conditions. The viewers knew only that "there is a target," nothing more. The viewers did not communicate with one another during the data-collection period. They recorded their data live on video, all solo. And when everything was said and done, the secret of Area 51 was no longer a secret.

The only real "problem" now is that what really is below the surface of Area 51 is stranger than anyone could have possibly imagined. The Area 51 reality extends far beyond the fictional plot of any Hollywood movie. Now we know why all the secrecy has existed regarding that facility. Now we know why "THEY" were afraid to let the public know what "THEY" knew.

Fortunately for this project, mainstream science has not yet accepted remote viewing as real. That state of denial will end one day soon. But the current existence of denial has opened up a window in which the greatest secrets can be told. This is a moment of opportunity, a moment when humans can re-assume control over their own existence by claiming knowledge of that which is. Nothing sets one free more than knowledge of simply "what is."

The Farsight Institute is the leading venue for large public projects involving remote viewing as it is done using methodologies that are derived from those developed and used by the U.S. military for espionage purposes. But Farsight is civilian, and now we focus those methodologies on targets that reveal what has been hidden from so many for so long.

Area 51. This documentary tells the story of "what is." See it. Be free.

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The Remote-Viewing Data

Blind Conditions for All Remote-Viewing Data: All remote viewing for this project (as with all projects conducted at The Farsight Institute) was conducted under totally blind conditions. The viewers were told nothing about the project or specific targets while they were conducting their remote-viewing sessions. They were only instructed by a non-leading email that there is a target, and that they should remote view it.

A Note About the Quality of the Remote Viewing for This Project: Dick Allgire, Daz Smith, and Aziz Brown have well-documented public track records with remote viewing, a great deal of which is available to see on the web site for The Farsight Institute in diverse projects, some of which span many years. The quality of the remote-viewing sessions for this project is absolutely stellar. These remote-viewing sessions are clear representations of the targets, both verbally and with unambiguous drawings.

The Remote-Viewing Target for This Project:

Target #16: The viewer will remote view the U.S. governmental facilities inside Area 51 in Nevada during April 2017. The remote viewer will perceive the area on the surface as well as all elements below the surface. The remote viewer will perceive the most advanced technology that exists in Area 51, as well as other elements that attract the attention of the remote viewer.

Note: The above target description was given to the remote viewers only AFTER the remote viewers had completed and delivered all remote viewing (paper sessions and video) for this project.