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Multiple Universes RV Project Target Criteria

The targets chosen for the Multiple Universes Project should correspond with the section titled "How to Construct a Target for a Public Demonstration of Remote Viewing" contained in The Prometheus Protocols. Below are some additional general guidelines offered to assist the taskers/targeteers when choosing targets.

  1. All targets must be events that take place during an assigned month. There should be significant activity at the target site. Thus, Tiger Woods golfing is not a good target since there is not much activity with such a target (i.e., just people standing around on generally flat land).
  2. Targets should involve a large geographical area with significant topological variety. Thus, a birthday party in someone's backyard would not be an appropriate target. On the other hand, an eruption of a volcano would be an appropriate target.
  3. Most targets should be external, in the sense that targets should not be small things embedded in a structure or other macro environment. For example, someone placing a flower pot on a kitchen table is not an appropriate target for the Multiple Universes Project. Exceptions to this rule would be targets that involve large events with significant activity inside of large structures, such as sporting or musical events.
  4. All acceptable targets for the Multiple Universes project must be verifiable to a worldwide audience using normal Internet sources. Thus, a clipping from a local newspaper about some event would not be acceptable.
  5. Targets should be newsworthy, in the sense that the general public should have a natural interest in the target.
  6. Targets do not need to be found on Earth. Targets off-planet are acceptable as long as the target locations and events are verifiable using normal Internet news sources.
  7. One last (and crucially important) point. The target must be chosen by the tasker without ANY input or assistance at all — of any type — from anyone else. The tasker/targeteer must not communicate any information about the target to anyone prior to the target's selection. This includes spouses, best friends, workmates, or absolutely anyone else.