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Viewer: Courtney Brown

Tasker: Matthew Pfeiffer

Data: Type 3 (solo, viewer blind)

General Target Description: The Earth's Moon ( 8 p.m. GMT, 9 March 1999)

Comments: This target cue has four distinct aspects, most of which are clearly described in the session. The aspects include the largest crater on the Moon, the American flag planted on the Moon, the view of the Earth as seen from the Moon, and finally, any extraterrestrial base that may be on the Moon. The first three target aspects are currently verifiable. The target specific also includes sketches of the perspective that the viewer should have with regard to any specified perceptions. One should be sure to examine the close parallels between the sketch in the target specific of the Earth as seen from the Moon and the viewer's own sketch made during the session. This experiment was conducted as one of a series of experiments in which the tasker was attempting to more clearly define the target for the viewer by drawing sketches and writing more elaborate viewing directions in the specific. Note that there appear to be some decoding errors, particularly in the section for the third numbered target aspect, where rocks and stone debris seem to have been interpreted at ruins made of similar materials. As is typical of sessions with numbered aspects, there is some blending across all aspects throughout the session. Current research suggests that the blending may be due to the fact that viewers normally do not remain totally blind (psychically) to the remainder of the target while focusing on one aspect at a time.

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