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Matthew Pfeiffer

20 November 1999

2:45 p.m.

Type 3





A: ideogram descriptors, D- male subject; semi-hard, natural

B: subject, D- male

C: movement, voice, D- Egypt cockpit; motion, spinning, twirling

D: no-D; D- rollercoaster; D- ballet dancer



A: ideogram descriptors, D- water?; hard, natural, manmade

B: no-B

C: hard, wet, shiny, glistening, D- Miami/hurricane

D: no-D



A: D- mountain in South America/pyramid; ideogram descriptors, hard, natural

Vis: (a sketch of brick-like objects); D- blocks of a Mexican pyramid

B: no-B

C: wet, green

Vis: (a sketch of leaves covering bricks); D- wet, green leaves covering parts of an ancient structure; D- Machu Piccu

D: no-D



A: D- Mexican pyramid/Brazil/hidden-undiscovered; ideogram descriptors, semi-hard, natural, D- statue of a God

B: no-B, D- statue/rock

C: cool, breezy, dark, D- courtyard at dusk

D: (a sketch of an open area, from above, with structures nearby), D- an open area near several structures



A: ideogram descriptors, D- hill; D- pyramid; D- water/wet; D- pyramid in jungle on a wet day; hard, natural

Vis: (a sketch of a sloping landscape with rocks), D- side of a hill or mountain

B: no-B

C: cold, green, brown, rocks, rocky, elevated

Vis: (a sketch of a rectangular object), D- tan colored brick or stone

D: no-D



Sounds: voices, whirring; D- pyramid + ET visit; D- Ingo Swann here

Textures: gritty, dirty, slimy

Temps: cool, cold

Visuals: Colors - dark, brown, green, black, tan

Lums - dark

Contrasts - low, D- wet rainforest/jungle

Tastes: water, wet, foliage

Smells: clean, natural

Vis: (a sketch of two leaves), D- wet leaves

Mags: tall

Wide, open

Angled, slanted

Dense, thick

Movement, churning, condensing, throbbing, D- jungle




(a sketch of a triangle)



Cool (s), dark (s), tan (s), wet (s), glistening (c), cool (s), cold (s), tall (m), wide (m), D- trees in jungle; open (m), churning (c), D- storm, hurricane; angst (e), fear (e)

P4 ½ - this angst currently feels very nominal - not on a grand scale

Concern (e), life (c), D- life in the jungle; trees (p), land (p), D- structures ?; natural (c), wet (s)

P4 ½ - it is as if everything is wet - as if it is/was raining

Watching (sub), D- forbidden city garden; movement (c), churning (c), vortex (c), spinning (c), VF- confused, D- whirlpool; D- tornado in Oklahoma; D- hurricane; hurt (c), agony (e), fear (e)

P4 ½ - Feels like some people may be involved in this, but I am not sure how, D- Jupiter

Dark (s)

P4 ½ - I do get the sense it is dark here

Nature smells (s), clean (s), greens (s), browns (s)

(A) - sketch of a funnel shaped object over land; D- tornado

tall (m), rapid (c), movement (c), spinning (c), violent (c), D- asteroid; D- y2k predictions; angry (e), confused (e); D- people?; fear (e), abandonment (c), watching (c), listening (c), observing (c); D- storm watchers; D- NASA; tornado (gd)


Movement exercise: From the center of the second numbered aspect, something should be perceivable


A: ideogram descriptors; D- mountain; D- pyramid in China; hard, natural

B: no-B

C: tall, rising, elevated, brown

D: no-D


Cool (s), cold (s), brown (s), white (s), D- IO; D- Mars; D- mountain with snow on it

(B) sketch of the peak of a snow-capped mountain

dirt (s), old (c), tall (m), elevated (m), high (m), rising (m), vast (m), open (m), dirt (p), land (p), rocky (p), moisture (p), evaporation (c), quiet (s), still (s)

P4 ½ - only the wind makes a noise here

P4 ½ - this is a tall mountain peak


(C) sketch of a mountain peak with a crater-like aspect

D- like an old volcano/ Mt. St. Helens

Cold (s), air (p), still (c), quiet (s), mountain (p)

P4 ½ - dark soil with crumbling rocks. There appears to be a snowline.


Movement exercise: From the center of the third numbered aspect, something should be perceivable

Ideogram; D- ET visitation from the future

A: ideogram descriptors, soft, natural

B: subjects

C: warm, movement, D- hikers; D- expedition; intense focus, few

D: (a sketch of two subjects on an elevated area

D- hikers atop rough terrain; D- Everest expedition

P4 ½ - subjects trekking on treacherous, rocky land

Cool (s), dark (s), cold (s), mountain (p), white (s), brown (s), ice (p), snow (p), tall! (m), elevated (m)

P4 ½ - using their wits

Smart (e), D- foreign?; men (p), clothing-protective (p/c), D- moonwalk; D- ET visitors on the moon; D- IO; D- in the future?; watching (sub); learning (c), intelligence (c), patient (c), cooperating (c)

P4 ½ - these subjects are cooperating with each other

P4 ½ - they are very smart

Trek (c), expedition (c)


End of session - 3:50 pm