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Farsight New Viewer 12

The target for this session was the "Destruction of the dinosaurs/event." As with all training sessions at The Farsight Institute, the viewer was not told the identity of the target until after the session was completed. The viewer initially perceived sounds of rustling, chirping, and whistling. The textures at the target site were soft and smooth. Temperatures were warm. The colors were green, brown, and blue. The site had a "wet" smell and a "natural" taste. The viewer then sketched a picture of a landscape with a number of mountains, things looking like trees below, and arrows indicating movement coming from up and going downward, ultimately connecting with the mountainous surface. The viewer sensed motion, and a sense of "interconnected living." He perceived Earth, dirt, energy, felt the flavor of reptiles, a land/water interface, and a complex ecosystem with great diversity. He again perceived energy, but also organic life, as in a forest. He perceived "squirmy, wormy, things, creatures," and then stated that the target contained "sentient beings in primordial rain forest with no people." He also perceived a large rock moving fast. After executing a movement exercise that re-located the viewer (in time) to the time of target event, the viewer heard rumbling and felt shaking. The textures were rough. The temperatures at the target site were both hot and cool. The colors were black and orange. He smelled smoke, and tasted gritty dust. The viewer then drew the sketch that is linked below. The sketch is a picture of a large rock crashing into the surface of the planet, creating chaos below. The viewer then declared that there was a "collision" at the target location, in the sense of a meteor hitting the surface of the planet. There was "massive destruction, panic." He perceived a hazy atmosphere with lots of smoke in a "cataclysmic" setting. He then declared that this was a "prehistoric animal destruction before people." He then stated that these animal were like dinosaurs. Focusing on the rock that caused the destruction, he stated that it contained a combination of elements not found on Earth, but abundant in the solar system. The rock originated between Mars and Jupiter. Its displacement from its original locations was due to the gravity interference of another object, and after many years the trajectory of the colliding asteroid intercepted Earth. This collision caused a great explosion. Moving to the ecosystem in the period after the collision, he found that it was "dusty." The system had a "deficient light spectrum," in the sense that sunlight hitting the Earth was changed. He found that microbes in the soil were very active. At that point, he saw the carcass of a large dinosaur that he called a "Tyrannosaurus Rex" lying in the dust. The composition of the gray dust (that was apparently everywhere) was of "burnt earth." There was widespread fire. The soot caused a powder layer on top of the soil that was nutritious and fertile, like topsoil. He then entered the minds of the dying creatures and found them to be in a state of shock and fear.

The Sketch