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Farsight New Viewer 15

In this session, the target was the "Bombing of Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941)." While there is no sketch linked to this session summary, the verbal data are very revealing. The viewer initially heard voices, and a whirring sound. He smelled smoke, and the tastes related to the site were salty and fishy. The viewer then clearly perceived burning at the target site. The emotions of people at the site were both "scared" and "awe." The viewer quickly perceived massive destruction going on at the site, and all of this was associated with concepts of speed and the sense of energetics. He also perceived that there was "air moving surrounding moving manmade objects," thereby indicating that these objects were flying (i.e., the planes). There was tremendous levels of fear, excitement, suspense, and even questioning in the minds of the people at the site. Following a movement exercise to the center of the target area, the viewer heard clanking noises and voices. The emotions of the people at the center of the target area were "sadness, loss, expectation, and questioning." He felt the idea of oppression at the target, and he then clearly perceived moving metal manmade vehicles at the site, and then he clearly stated that he was perceiving this target to be associated with a bombing. The tastes were then charred, and "dirty," while the smells were smoky. There were subspace beings watching the bombing event. The explosions were "catastrophic." The viewer then perceived both the magnitude of the destruction, and the death that was associated with the target event. Moving to the manmade moving objects, the viewer then declared that they felt like airplanes. They were, "shiny, high velocity, moving manmade vehicles in the air." The viewer then executed a time locational procedure, and correctly located the target time (i.e., the year of the bombing event). Continuing, the viewer then observed the destruction of the target location, noting the rubble, the stones, the fire, and the people. He also noticed the "ghosts" (i.e., subspace beings) who were killed during the attack. He then declared that the "people in the flying objects were observing and delivering" the attack. The viewer then declared himself so associated with the emotions of "awe, sadness, and disbelief" at the site, that the monitor ended the session at that point.