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Introduction (Watch this first):

Farsight Bitcoin Forecasts
See the CICO Forecasts

Welcome to Farsight's CICO Cryptocurrency Project, where we use remote viewing to forecast the performance of both new and older cryptocurrencies as well as recently created cryptocurrencies. At Farsight, we call all such currencies CICOs, or Contemporary Initial Coin Offerings (which also includes coins that do not have an ICO, but which are new nonetheless).

When a new cryptocurrency is created, the creators typically hope that their new currency will develop a following. But a great many of these newly created cryptocurrencies do not do well, and there are more than a few scams in the lot. However, some of the initial coin offerings do turn out to be adopted by a significant user base, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and many of those who are early investors who purchased the coins end up rich. Unfortunately, it is sort of a guessing game as to which newly created cryptocurrency will be adopted by a significant community, and thus become established as a stable cryptocurrency.

Farsight's CICO project is an experiment designed to help identify future successful cryptocurrencies, usually by attempting to discern whether or not a coin is adopted by a significant community of followers. Some cryptocurrency coins do not have ICOs (initial coin offerings), but they are still grouped together in our CICO project if they are relatively new. Typically, these currencies are very inexpensive. So there is great potential for huge gains for investors who purchase these coins when they are cheap. There is also great potential to lose one's shirt if an ICO goes bust. The trick, of course, is to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

HOW IT WORKS: We offer our CICO forecasts free to the public to watch as videos on YouTube. But the real name of the currency in the forecast has been changed so that the name referenced in the video is fictional. People can watch the forecast to see if they want to purchase the actual identity of the currency during the forecast period. At the end of the forecast period, we will release the real names of the currencies to the general public so that everyone can evaluate our results.

NOTE: When you purchase one CICO forecast identity, Farsight will send you that identity plus the identity of any other CICO forecasts that are available and current for a period of one year following your original purchase date. There is no extra cost for this. CICO forecasts typically are for five or more years. We occasionally update the forecasts, which usually extends the forecast further into the future.

WHO IS THIS FOR?: This project may interest established investors in new cryptocurrencies who understand the cryptocurrency environment and who want to experiment with remote viewing to gain insight into cryptocurrencies. These are normally individuals who can afford to take a chance purchasing risky investments. However, from an educational perspective, this project is designed to allow the general public to see how remote viewing can be utilized to forecast numerical or financial data.

WHAT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT STRATEGY?: We have invested decades in studying the remote-viewing phenomenon using public experiments, and we are confident that remote viewing can be utilized to create CICO forecasts. We regularly publish short-term forecasts for various economic entities, including established coins, and we publish these forecasts and analyses of our results on YouTube and/or We believe most of our recommended CICO currencies will survive and do well. For those CICO currencies that do survive and prosper, if they are purchased early when they are inexpensive, they can be great investments. So our recommendation is for investors to wait until the entire five-year forecast period is over before evaluating the results of any CICO forecast experiment. If even one of our recommendations turns out well, then an investor would potentially earn large profits from a relatively small initial investment, and the cost of the forecasts and initial investments would be minor. On the other hand, if multiple CICO currencies that have positive Farsight growth forecasts do well, then the earning potential is truly staggering under those conditions.

AN EXAMPLE: Let us say that an investor purchases a CICO forecast, and then invests $10,000 in purchasing the cryptocurrency for, say, $.10 per coin. After five years, if the currency is worth $200 per coin, the return would be $20,000,000. If an investor does the same with, say, ten CICO forecasts, that would be an initial investment of $100,000. Even if only one CICO forecast turns out to be correct, the entire initial investment would be negligible relative to the return. But if a number of the recommended CICO forecasts are correct, then the gains can be much more.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?: Our goal is to convince a very skeptical world that remote viewing is real. We also want people to learn and appreciate what we at Farsight have published in our various projects. But mainstream media, government, and academics are very conservative in their willingness to consider the reality of very different ideas, including the reality of remote viewing. Perhaps the most effective way to win this struggle is to show investors that it is possible to perceive numerical or financial information using remote viewing in specially designed experiments. At that point, no one will care about the skeptics. If it works, it works, and money will determine what is real and what is not real. By watching what we do with our CICO forecasts, you are helping us change this world into a much better place, and you help us guide our species toward a proud destiny.

WARNING: CICO investments are inherently risky. Also, remote viewing is a new technology. If you are struggling financially, if you have to borrow money in order to purchase a CICO forecast identity, if you have loans to pay off, if you just make ends meet at the end of each month, or if you have any significant financial challenges, or even if you are simply new to cryptocurrencies and don’t know how to buy, sell, and store them, then purchasing any of Farsight's CICO forecast identities is not for you. Wait until you know more about cryptocurrencies, and are financially capable of making such investments.

OUR DISCLAIMER: No one at Farsight is a licensed financial advisor. So anything that anyone at Farsight does that relates to using remote-viewing to predict financial or economic outcomes of any type, including the selling prices of cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, or anything else, is done for entertainment and educational purposes only. Everyone doing investments are doing so at their own risk. These are experiments in remote viewing, and there are no guarantees or warranties being made, either expressed or implied. Nonetheless, these efforts are truly interesting on a grand scale, and we at Farsight believe that after we do this for awhile, it will be hard for anyone to ignore the reality of remote viewing.

In summary, this project is aimed at changing the world into a better place. Remote viewing is our tool to do this. This world wants proof that remote viewing is real. Nothing will do this better than a successful application aimed at predicting financial outcomes. We hope that our efforts help to give humanity a positive destiny worthy of a noble species.