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Humanity's Appeal to the Galactic Federation of Worlds

Transcript of speech to the Galactic Federation of Worlds asking for Intervention to assist humanity
Written by Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

[Looking around at Farsight members]
Good. You are all here. Let us proceed to the Council Chambers. You all know the way.

[Break to Council Chambers]

Courtney: I want to thank you for granting me a hearing before this august body. Although my memories have been only partially restored, I sense that I may have stood before you, or among you, in the past. I come before you today as an Earth human, fully human in every sense of the word. I was born on Earth, a product of a human mother and father. I was raised as a human, I was educated as a human, and I had all of the perceptual limitations built into my genetics as would be typical of a normal human. My team, which also joins me here today are also entirely human. Our physical bodies remain on Earth right now, and we have all traveled here of our own accord and using only our own abilities. My physical body is currently in a near dormant condition in a state known on Earth as deep meditation, while my team is fully awake on Earth while their consciousness has shifted to this location using what humans would call a process of remote viewing. My point is that we all stand before you as full humans. Except for a minor navigational incident where I was nearly intercepted en route by the Ciakahrr,

[PAUSE, voices and rumbling heard in background],

we found you using our own human abilities, and we came here using only our own human abilities. We desire only for you to hear what we have to say, and for you to hear what we have to ask of you, as humans from our imprisoned planet, Earth.

As you all are fully aware, the war in the Orion system resulted in a large number of refugees to flee to Earth over a great many years. Their normal transference to the planet was to be born there. Eventually, the Orion authorities discovered the refugee outflow and they sent their representatives to transform Earth into a prison planet, extending their tyranny yet again. Technology was installed that is well known in the Orion system that erases a subject’s memory upon physical death, implants false memories, and then recycles the subject back into another human life cycle, essentially keeping a population under lock and key without an easy way to escape. Forces from the Galactic Federation of Worlds managed to disrupt the overt control over the planet by the Orion operatives a few thousand Terran years ago. Those same Orion operatives still perform their repressive duties, albeit on a more limited manner and from hidden retreats. But what is perhaps more disturbing is that the Orion operatives have become allies of convenience to Reptilian forces that have re-established a serious presence on Earth. The real controllers of the planet now are the Reptilians, while the Orion operatives act to do much of the Reptilian bidding.

[Pause with rumbling and voices in background]

The condition of humanity on Earth now is one of deep repression. Humans are kept in a constant state of division. Religions and political ideologies have been established that are used to pit one human group against another in a non-ending cycle of violence and terror. Humans too easily see each other as enemies, and they are powerless to break from this cycle of blame and retribution. Still, there has been progress of a limited nature. Humanity has started to regain some of its collective memory, as is evidenced by such things as human architecture, which now resembles a close parallel to the architecture typical in Orion cities. Humans have also developed sizably in the realm of technology, and if they were left alone, they would undoubtedly be able to achieve interstellar travel capabilities in a relatively short period of time, a situation which I know worries you. I know that you do not want a chaotic and fragmented humanity arriving at your doorsteps. But that can be changed. Humanity can achieve more than this.

[Pause with rumbling with voices in background]

Yes, yes, I hear you, and I know that humans are not culturally, politically, or emotionally ready to interact with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They remain in need of development in those areas. But that development will be impossible if they remain under Reptilian and Orion influence. They need freedom, and gentle guidance from true friends who have no intention of enslaving them.

As you know, the Reptilians and the Orions want only to capture the resources of Earth, and humanity’s genetic diversity is crucial in this regard. With a mixed gene pool from all over the galaxy due to Earth being both a place of refuge and a dumping ground for the unwanted creatives in more stifling civilizations, the gene pool of humanity is truly remarkable on any standards. The Reptilians and the Orions want control over that gene pool. If it were not for the inhibiting presence of the forces loyal to the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Reptilians and the Orions would already be at war fighting over control of that gene pool. They see humanity as no more than a pool of genetic slaves, as well as a source of slaves for assorted other horrifying purposes. You all know what they use humans for. I do not need to spell that out here.

[Pause, rumbling and voices in background]

My time here is limited. I can keep my concentration focused on this location for only so long before the needs of my physical body drags my awareness back to Earth. So let me get to the point. Humanity requires your direct intervention to remove the Reptilian and Orion forces from Earth. You know that humanity cannot do this by itself.

[Pause with rumbling and voices in background]

You ask why I should speak for all of humanity? Why should I assume to be their representative? I was not chosen or elected by anyone on Earth. But there are no elected or chosen representatives among humans who could claim this role. Human leadership on Earth has been totally compromised by the oppressive Reptilian and Orion forces, sometimes unknowingly, but often with consent. None can act freely without mental manipulation, bribery, or external pressure. So I do claim the right to represent all of humanity, as is the right of all humans who can find the courage to discard the repressive control common to the Earth environment and to reach out to you. I assume that right because I am here. No other reason is necessary. I have broken free from the mental manipulation of the Reptilian and Orion forces. Both I and my team have come to you today as free humans. We are evidence, indeed proof, that humanity is worth saving. If even one human can break free from the totalitarian control of the oppressive forces, then it is evidence that all of humanity has that capability.

We come here not to ask you to adopt us as your dependents. We come here to demand that we be allowed to become your equals. Humanity can become one of the greatest contributors to a positive future for the Galactic Federation of Worlds if it can be allowed to exist free from the forces of enslavement. Judge humanity not by what it is now, judge it by what it can become, under your tutelage, as friends, as equals. I ask you to remove the hidden oppressive forces that secretly tyrannize humanity, and help Earth humans awaken to their true history, and their confident destiny. Returning that history to them, that which has been so carefully erased from their collective memory, will free them, and it will allow you to see their true value as friends and allies.

If you abandon humanity in this moment of greatest need and potential, then you will still have the same war torn galaxy as you have now, and you will enable the most repressive forces in the galaxy to gain resources that they will ultimately use against you. I know it will not be easy for you to free humanity. The Reptilians and the Orions will not leave Earth willingly. But if you assist humanity in its hour of need, you will one day in the not too distant future find that this same humanity will gladly fight along side of you as you seek to liberate other worlds under the control of totalitarian forces. These humans will know full well what they are fighting for. Assist humanity now and you create the potential for the rise of a species with a positive destiny the likes of which this galaxy has never known.

Copyright © 2020 Courtney Brown. All rights reserved. However, it is permissible for anyone to translate this speech into any other language and to share the printed version of the translation using any media as long as the original speech or the translation is not sold or use commercially in any way. The translation must state (1) that Courtney Brown is the author of the English version, and (2) the translation must state the real name of the translator, and (3) that the translation is unofficial, and (4) that Courtney Brown has not approved the translation.