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The Mysteries Project #7: The Remote-Viewing Sessions

Project Title: The Great Pyramid of Giza: The Mystery Solved

The Viewers
(Listed in alphabetical order)
The Sessions Individual Session Summaries
Dick Allgire Download for Target 7a:

Target 7a: The mining if the largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (with image in the target definition)

This session is filled with images and verbal data involving rocks being crushed, cut, and pulverized with great force, apparently creating sheer cliffs (see pp. 5, 8, 10, 12, pdf numbering). Great energy was apparently involved in this process (see p. 6), producing gaseous and shock-wave by-products.

Download for Target 7b:

Target 7b: The actual construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (involving the largest rocks)

Session 1: The first half of the session is filled with a great many perceptions of repetitive mechanical processes working with rock. Great energy is used in the process, involving the melting of rock (as in "artificial vulcanism"). There is mining on a large scale. Energy is used to cut rock much in the manner that welding is done with metal, producing liquefied rock. The viewer explicitly describes what looks like "high tech alien mining" (see p. 15, pdf numbering). This description is accompanied by clear drawings of energy tools being used that focus energy on rock. The rock is both liquefied and vaporized, involving great heat and pressure, thereby separating the rock (see also p. 15, pdf numbering). There are life forms working on all of this. They have a hive mentality, working in large numbers underground. They feel like "drones, not too smart" (see p. 17, pdf numbering).

Session 2: This session is filled with perceptions of drone-like humanoids who are genetically engineered to work under extremely harsh and polluting environments involving high tech processes used for constructing large rock structures. The environment is like a foundry with toxic air quality. Everything is high tech. Energy is used to melt rather than blast rock. Construction is on a massive scale, and large underground tunnel complexes are involved. The workers seem to be "grown" from fetuses in artificial environments by beings whom the viewer perceives as "preying mantis" in nature.

Download for Target 7c:

Target 7c: The completed Great Pyramid of Giza as it is being used for its originally intended purpose

Session 1: In this session, the viewer describes both verbally and with detailed sketches a collection of pyramid shaped structures that are separated by long distances yet connected by energy (see pp. 6, 7, 10, 15, 18, pdf numbering). The connection between the various structures appears to follow some type of energy or "ley lines." The structures themselves appear to be connected energetically. The energy connecting the structures seems to be at least in part electro/magnetic in nature. There is the sense of "Earth frequencies." The energy moves through the Earth, and it is either not natural, or it is being harnessed and controlled. The viewer clearly draws the pyramidal structure of this target on page 14 (pdf numbering), noting that the structure extends underground as well. The energy that connects the various pyramidal structures appears to run in straight lines (p. 15, pdf numbering). The viewer then draws in detail a collection of pyramids that seem to be closely spaced, and explicitly states that this large, complex, and beautiful symmetry reminds him of "the pyramids when they were alive" (p. 16, pdf numbering). Near the end of the session, the viewer describes both verbally and with sketches subjects participating in the flow of energy related to the target structure. The viewer writes "Bright light! Energy! Like a half-mile high Tesla coil. This looked like a light show at a rock concert - but seemed like many people watching Northern Lights. But energy spectacle is closer. Awe inspiring." (p. 20, pdf numbering). At the very end of the session, the viewer shifts his perception to the inside of a geometrically shaped (internally) tunnel. He had the sense of a particle super coleader tunnel.

Session 2: This session has two themes. The first is the sense of large and well-constructed underground chambers that are connected with tunnels. The second theme is the idea of "native" people on the surface (that is, not underground) involved in agricultural pursuits.


Download for Target 7d:

Target 7d: The mining of the largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (without image in the target definition)

Session 1: The viewer perceives a great deal of construction activity. The workers appear to be slaves of some sort, where the elite who act like high priests just watch from a distance (see p. 11, 16, pdf numbering). The shape of the pyramid begins to be perceived on page 14, and the nearby Sphinx is clearly drawn on page 15 (pdf numbering). Some kind of energy of "dazzling beauty" is being emitted from the pyramid structure as subjects look on (p. 17, pdf numbering). Some subjects at the target site are confined in small and crowded cages, and they are horribly treated (p. 18). There is also some sense of human sacrifice and cannibalism associated with the target activities. The viewer perceives some sort of "high priest" who conducts some sacrificial ceremony that reminds the viewer of a "Satanic ritual" (p. 20, pdf numbering). The viewer also perceives and draws some sort of subject who does not look human, a subject that seems "demonic" and "terrifying" to the viewer (p. 21, pdf numbering).

Session 2: In session, the viewer clearly perceives mining activity. The mining activity involves the high-tech use of focused energy to fragment rock, leaving a crater. The viewer clearly describes this process in a time frame manner (pp. 6-11, pdf numbering). (See also p. 14 for a nice verbal description of the process.) Large numbers of subjects are associated with this target, and there is a sense of activity that is both scientific and shamanistic. Crystals are used in some manner. There is a tremendous display of energy that is witnessed by these many subjects. There is also the sense that the energy is connected to grid or lay lines (pp. 12 & 15, pdf numbering).


Download for Target 7e:

Target 7e: The transportation of the largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Session 1: The viewer describes a great many people collectively working with stone. The people are densely packed in their work environment. The viewer clearly describes the solid stone blocks at the target site (p. 13, pdf numbering) and the masses gathered together near them in a scene that reminds the viewer of an old city central plaza (p. 13-18, pdf numbering). There is an elevated energy event that is witness by many subjects.

Session 2: The viewer describes something that moves through the air and seems to impact the ground at some point.

Download for Target 7f:

Target 7f: The subject or subjects who originally conceived of the idea of building the Great Pyramid of Giza

An important and powerful male subject is dying (see especially p. 7, pdf numbering). The subject is located in a large and ornate structure. The subject has some type of head disease or injury, possibly a brain tumor. The subject is resigned to his fate, but he wants to leave some kind of legacy. He wheezes with a raspy voice. There is also a pretty female who is very loyal to the dying male (see also p. 9, pdf numbering). Also, there is a male in his 30's who is essentially a loner who uses people. This subject has bad teeth, has a criminal mentality, plots, steals, and is threatening. There is a fourth subject who is male and somewhat overweight. He wants to control the situation, wears nice clothes and cologne, and is distrustful of others. There is an unhealthy plot underway. Someone could get murdered (p. 8, pdf numbering). Intense and difficult negotiations are underway. The negotiations seem to involve the control or release of information (p. 13, pdf numbering). There seems to be some sort of advanced computer technology associated with this target (p. 14, pdf numbering). The technology seems to involve the storage of huge quantities of information.

Daz Smith Download for Target 7a:

Target 7a: The mining if the largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (with image in the target definition)

Session 1: This session is filled with perceptions of a great many subjects involved in working with large stone structures. The materials involved are multi-sided solid stone. The sloping sides of the structure being constructed are beginning to become apparent (see p. 9, pdf numbering). The viewer connects this target activity with the concept of a spiritual purpose, and even mentions parallels with the burning bush and Ten Commandments biblical stories (see p. 14, pdf numbering). There is also a great deal of physical energy involved in the processes involved with this target. At least a few of the subjects involved in this process have advanced telepathic abilities that seem to "connect" them with something larger (such as "the universe"). (See p. 10, pdf numbering.)

Session 2: In this session, the pyramid geometric design is clearly perceived (see pp. 7 & 8, pdf numbering). The viewer interestingly perceives (and clearly describes and sketches) one door at the base of the pyramid structure that leads down, not up. The structure is made of stone (see p. 10, pdf numbering). This is construction process involving a great many humanoid subjects (see p. 11, pdf numbering). The viewer does not sense resentment or oppression among the workforce. Some of the workforce operates in deep pits in the presence of intense heat, fire, burning (see. p. 12, pdf numbering). The viewer connects the feeling of the target with the sense of the ancient Karnak Temple Complex (see p. 15, pdf numbering).

Download for Target 7b:

Target 7b: The actual construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (involving the largest rocks)

Session 1: The viewer perceives heavy manual work with this target (p. 2, pdf numbering). There is a spiritual element to this work, in the sense of a "connection to God" (p. 3, pdf numbering). Subjects are guiding/moving large multi-sided stone components/structures (p. 6, pdf numbering). The pyramid geometry of the structure being constructed is clearly described and sketched on p. 7, pdf numbering). The heavy stones used in the construction are being moved via levitating technology (p. 8, pdf numbering). Workers are pushing and pulling the solid stones to guide their movement while levitating technology is simultaneously being used to lift the stones (p. 9, pdf numbering). The levitating process produces no noise, but there is a visible "wavy" by-product, like heat would produce. This is both an electrical and mechanical process, and the stones are lifted approximately 18 inches to 2 feet above the base surface using this technology (p. 10, pdf numbering). This occurs in the past, but it involves advanced technology. Many workers are moving these stone parts into place, and the workers seem to be male (p. 11, pdf numbering). The viewer gets the sense hieroglyphics (p. 13, pdf numbering). The target pyramid is unambiguously drawn in detail on page 14 of this session. The viewer also describes the sandy, dry environment of the target structure.

Session 2: This session has more general impressions of a large structure that is being constructed. This takes place in the past, and there is a spiritual element to the process. Machinery is involved, including mechanical elements with gears and other moving parts (see p. 11, pdf numbering).

Download for Target 7c:

Target 7c: The completed Great Pyramid of Giza as it is being used for its originally intended purpose

The structure's placement on land in key to this target. Life, land, and structure are working as one for some intended purpose or goal. There is a massive angular structure that was a monumental and long undertaking. The result will be some manipulation of the environment to satisfy some needs. The structure has sloped, angular sides. There is also some kind of walkway or ramp to the structure. The viewer perceives that the purpose of the structure is to assist in the communication with God or higher beings. Crucially, the building of the structure is perceived to be as important at the resulting finished structure. Whatever the purpose of the structure, its purpose seems now to be lost somehow. On page 15 (pdf numbering), the viewer draws a pyramidal structure that is constructed with large blocks. When finished, it is gleaming and white. The viewer again repeatedly draws the pyramidal shape of the multilayered structure on the last page of the session.

Download for Target 7d:

Target 7d: The mining of the largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (without image in the target definition)

In this session, the viewer clearly perceives the Great Pyramid of Giza in a state where it is being constructed. This is evidenced by the flat top of the pyramid structure drawn on various pages (see in particular, p. 6, 9, and 12, pdf numbering). The viewer also perceives energy in some form emanating from the target structure (see pp. 9 & 12, pdf numbering). This energy and/or the target structure seems to be associated some type of spiritual activity, such as communicating with "higher beings." There is also a sense of using the structure to transmit a message, "This is us. Look at us. This is who/what we are!" (p. 10, pdf numbering). The pyramid structure is located in a harsh and desolate desert, and the viewer perceives writing that he describes as "hieroglyphics" (pp. 8 & 9). There are many subjects gathered at the target, many coming from vast distances away, in a sort of pilgrimage (p. 8, pdf numbering). There is a religious feel to this activity.

Download for Target 7e:

Target 7e: The transportation of the largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Session 1: The viewer describes an indigenous society from the ancient past that is based on slaves and masters. Yet there is great social change in progress, with some new subjects arriving from far in vehicles/ships with new knowledge, new ideas, new medical knowledge, and new technology. An old system of beliefs falls away among the indigenous subjects, and subjects depart from the area with their families in large numbers. All this change happens over a decade or two. The newly arrived subjects are enlightened travelers and explorers, and they are the ones who start this new golden age in a short period of time. The primary location perceived by this viewer is an ancient city with temples (p. 12, pdf numbering). On pages 10 and 11, the viewer describes the basic physical layout of the pyramid's internal structure, as well as the arrangement with another pyramid situated in a wide landscape. Some of the structures have extensive construction underground.

Session 2: The viewer describes artificially created energy involved in moving objects (pp. 5 & 6, pdf numbering). The energy is frequency based, possibly involving sound. It seems to resemble magnetism in the sense of its affect on objects. On page 9 (pdf numbering), the viewer clearly describes subjects moving large rectangular blocks. Part of the movement appears to lift the blocks off of the surface such that they float while the subjects guide them into place. (See also p. 11, pdf numbering.) (Thus, the subjects are not lifting the large blocks. Something else is doing that. But the subjects are guiding the blocks that appear to be floating in mid air.) On page 10 (pdf numbering), the viewer describes how the large blocks are moved up ramps while being assisted by energy. It is a combination of low and high tech. Because of the energy that lifts the blocks, moving them is not difficult. It is as if the blocks are sitting on a cushion of air (p. 12, pdf numbering).

Download for Target 7f:

Target 7f: The subject or subjects who originally conceived of the idea of building the Great Pyramid of Giza

In this session, the viewer perceives subjects and their social order. There is a hive mentality with something like a caste social system. The social order is rigid, top-down, hierarchical, and highly controlled. There is the sense of a leader, like a king. This leader has the responsibility to get something done, and he issued orders to get it done. The leader is very serious and determined. There is a setting that seems like the court of a king, with two males and one female on an elevated platform, and lower-level subjects in front of the elevated platform (see p. 7, pdf numbering). This is an ornate setting, with some pomp and the sense of ceremonial activities. There is a huge construction project being planned and executed. Lots of subjects are involved. There is a need to rally support for the project. The physical work is backbreaking (see p. 8, pdf numbering). The workers feel like slaves, but they are not bound in chains. There is a caste system where the workers are subservient. The workers take orders and are very hard working. They do not know why they are doing what they are doing. The just do it because they are ordered to do it. Many subjects are relocated, and they are placed in temporary homes (p. 10, pdf numbering). There is the sense that advanced technology is being employed for this project (p. 13, pdf numbering).

NOTE: All page numbers reference in the above table refer to the pdf page numbers, not a page number written on the actual sessions.